Sensory Garden

The SENSORY GARDEN is located in the community garden. You will find medicinal plants, bells, herbs and fragrant flower smells. It was conceived as a place to rest, to contemplate nature and to feel the rhythms of the seasons.

We want you to explore and find for yourself what the various elements are and what speaks to you. You can sit quietly and listen to the birds, wander into the shade tunnel and play with the sand table, read about the various special plants, vegetables, trees and come upon the garden art throughout. Can you find a native cactus? a thornless blackberry? the 3 sisters and their brother? See if you can feel the textures of the fuzzy plants, the sticky plants; enjoy the shade of the grape arbor or gazebo.

The Sensory Garden was conceived by our garden steering committee, designed by Rajiv Hotek and built by a group of dedicated volunteers in the summer of 2014. It was funded by a grant from the USFWS, Connecting People with Nature.