Siskiyou Arboretum & Native Plant Nursery

Siskiyou Arboretum: A growing legacy

Siskiyou County’s diverse botanical heritage is one of our hidden treasures. Where else can one find 36 different species of conifers, including three that exist nowhere else, along with a phlox so unique it bears the name Yreka?

But don’t keep it a secret! Siskiyou Arboretum wants to get the word out by promoting education, research and enjoyment of these native plants and habitats through a variety of programs and venues:

  • Yreka’s Greenhorn Park showcases this unique bounty in garden exhibits and interpretive trails that provide opportunities to enjoy and learn about our legacy. A water-conservation garden encourages the use of our native grasses and wildflowers at home for their beauty and ruggedness.
  • The Arboretum Nursery, where locally collected seed is propagated, plays an important part in making those plants available for our projects and for sale to the public for use in residential gardens.
  • Finally, docent-led wildflower walks and other programs promote the study and enjoyment of native plants where they grow.

The Arboretum Nursery is located at 310B Ranch Lane in Yreka, adjacent to lower Greenhorn Park.

The Arboretum Nursery moved to the Yreka Community Gardens in 2023.

Volunteers are the soul of the Arboretum. To learn more and to support our programs, contact us

View the Native Plant Nursery brochure here.