About Us

SGPGA is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing for the general health and well-being of Siskiyou County communities by promoting the stewardship and public use of open spaces and resources. More about us

Our Programs:

Friends of Greenhorn Park

“Friends of Greenhorn Park” is a group of local citizens dedicated to the care and improvement of this special place.  Friends of Greenhorn work together with the City of Yreka to design park improvements, organize clean-up days, manage trail systems and seek grant opportunities.  The goal is to keep Greenhorn Park safe and enjoyable for everyone. Read More

Siskiyou Arboretum & Native Plant Nursery

Siskiyou County’s diverse botanical heritage is one of our hidden treasures. Where else can one find 36 different species of conifers, including three that exist nowhere else, along with a phlox so unique it bears the name Yreka? Read More

Yreka Community Gardens

A beautiful and nurturing space where individuals, families and groups may grow nutritious, organic vegetables and fruit for themselves and for community food banks. Read More

Yreka Creek Greenway

The Yreka Creek Greenway is an evolving city-wide park envisioned as a continuous 5 mile natural pathway along Yreka and Greenhorn Creeks. A major purpose of the greenway is to store and absorb floodwaters and maintain streamside habitat for native fish, native plants, native wildlife, and people who enjoy nature. As a unique part of Yreka’s city park system, the greenway will gradually expand to provide recreation for families and tourists, including a streamside trail for walking and bicycling that will some day connect the entire city along Yreka and Greenhorn Creeks. Read More