People’s Garden

What is a Peoples Garden? It is a collaborative effort of over 700 local and national organizations all working together to establish community and school gardens across the country.

People’s Gardens vary in size and type, but all are required to have three components in common. They must benefit the community, in some cases by creating recreational spaces and in others by providing a harvest for a local food bank or shelter. They must be collaborative – that is, the garden must be created and maintained by a partnership of local individuals, groups, or organizations. And third, they should incorporate sustainable practices. The gardens might use compost or mulch made by participants. They might contain native plants or encourage beneficial insects. They also might exemplify water conservation, for instance, capturing rain in a barrel to water the garden.

The Yreka Community Garden was recognized as a one of the leading People’s Garden sites across the nation and featured in the USDA People’s Garden blog site.