Community Garden Programs

The Yreka Community Garden is composed of the following program areas:

  • Community Garden Beds – where for a small annual plot fee individuals may grow produce for personal use or for donation to local food banks.
  • Community Greenhouse – where gardeners may start their own vegetables, herbs and flowers; where workshops and therapeutic gardening programs may be held; and where the Siskiyou Arboretum may grow plants for sale to the public to support operations.
  • Educational workshops – Workshops on topics related to gardening, nutrition, and food preservation are held at the garden throughout the growing season.
  • Songbird Garden – This program is a cooperative effort between public agencies, local communities, and conservation groups dedicated to addressing the decline of songbird populations across the nation.
  • People’s Garden – A collaborative effort of over 700 local and national organizations all working together to establish community and school gardens across the country.
  • Children’s Garden – a specially designed garden where programs nurture curiosity and provide hands-on educational opportunities on topics related to gardening and nutrition.
  • The Sensory Garden – is a specially designed garden built around our five senses. A garden within a garden; to explore and appreciate nature through our eyes, ears, noses, mouths and hands.
  • Bonus Garden –  A group project of the YCG is a bonus garden at the southern end of the garden.  The produce as well as some fruit are donated to community food banks, and may be used in food preservation classes.